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A whole lot of things have happened in plastics since the last half of the century. Advances into new areas of applications have been more and more frequent and consequential. Engineering and processing technology have advanced tremendously. A steady attention to new technology and a very professional technical staff allow our company to reach a great qualitative level and to obtain great benefits in the sector. PII offers its customers a highly competitive and forefront products and a great quality confirming year after year.

PII provides innovative polymer materials, application development, and custom compounds and composites for engineering applications. PII is in the business of innovation, commercialization, and manufacture of polymer alloys, blends, additives and composites with extreme functional performance properties.

Our core competence is to provide "simplified solutions" to clients for their complex product needs by intelligently combining the fundamentals of Polymer Science, Nanotechnology and Process Technology.

why us

  • Unmatched reputation in manufacturing and supply of best-in-class masterbatches and compounds for the plastics industry
  • State-of-the-art Plant & Machinery with advanced technology
  • Under process for getting ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality
  • A modern R&D Facility
  • A well trained, motivated and qualified team of technicians? with a commitment to deliver the best
  • We believe in partnering with our customers, instead of maintaining vendor customer relationships
  • We take up joint projects, to understand customer requirements/problems and achieve the target successfully. Jobs are undertaken for speedy development of colors or alternate products
  • Our success is built on providing our customers with unbiased advice, to help find the lowest cost materials enabling them to compete in a market where sourcing has become global
  • And? complete coloring solutions to customers from diverse industries



PII follows a strict quality control procedures which includes the checking of input like polymers, pigments, additive, minerals etc.. We carefully select the pigments, additives, keeping in mind the end use performance and the process condition to acheive the best result. The batch are tested on the parameters like Dispersion, MFI, Colour Fastness, Heat Fastness, Density, Carbon Content, Opacity, Whiteness, Gloss etc., to maintain the excellent consistency in every batch.

PII today can satisfy the most demanding of customer requirement. Through well equipped R & D, stringent quality control, PII has ensured that the variation level of its products are lesser than 1.0 Delta E. and PII extends this brand of commitment to its clients, in all area, supply and services.

High standards are maintained by regular internal, independent and customer audits. Additionally, PII welcomes the opportunity to work to customer specified standards.

As leading plastics industry experts in color matching, specialty additive formulation and custom compounded materials, PII will fulfills the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 standard.
It is the policy and overall business objective of PII to provide products and services of the highest quality and in compliance with our customers specified requirements.

It is also our mission to enhance our reputation and capabilities in order to gain wider recognition in our field of expertise.

PII recognizes that a genuine commitment to understanding the present and future needs of our customers is essential to achieve these objectives; therefore, we continually strive to ensure that customers expectations are realized in the quality of the products and services provided. To this end in November 2011 PII started gaining ISO 9001:2008 status, recognizing the quality of our administrative and management systems.

PII will constantly monitor its quality performance and will implement improvements where appropriate in order to maintain our quality ethos.




We understand that you can?t always get the resin of your choice and in the color you want; or, for that matter, with a combined color and additive package.

Leave your worries to us and let one of our technical representatives formulate a suitable compound as per your requirement. Whatever your need may be ? color, UV, nucleators, impact modifiers, anti-oxidants, etc., we can help!!!

PII produces consistent quality color and additive concentrates for the plastics industry. Our concentrates consist of highly loaded thermoplastic resin systems which impart color, stability or other performance properties to a base resin. The PII engineering staff formulates concentrates - at ratios from 10:1 to 200:1 - which are then let-down into the host resin to produce the finished product. Our color concentrates are formulated with pigments that will deliver consistent critical color matching results. Custom color and additive concentrates are available separately, or can be combined as a complete package.

Here are the advantages of a pre-colored
resin / additive package :

1. You don?t have to source the resin. We?ll do that for you.
2. No need to source the colorant. We?ll incorporate it in the resin.
3. No need to source the additive. We?ll take care of this too!!

We have the capability to offer you resin packages for the following plastics:

Styrenics : PS, HIPS, SAN, ABS, MABS, SPS, ASA
Engineering Plastics : PA, POM, PMMA, PC, PET, PBT
Other Plastics : PET, EVA, etc.


In recent years there has been an explosion in finishing effects for plastics. Differentiation through product design as well as packaging design has become of paramount importance in the struggle for market share in consumer product markets and elsewhere.

Mass customization through finishing effects is considered a key to commercially successful designs.

Rapid developments in technology as well as a host of new proprietary pigments have enabled us to help the plastics industry realize dramatic product enhancements in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Click below for some special effect customizations we can offer to make your product stand-out:

material effects | functional effects | shifting effects | appearance effects



At PII, we can custom compound virtually any combination of performance-enhancing additives and fillers with superior results. Compounding provides superior dispersion, batch consistency, and physical properties. It also provides the most even distribution of low level additives, such as UV or silicone. To achieve the highest possible loadings of fillers and reinforcements, compounding is the only practical solution.

Typical end use applications include

Injection Molding Extrusion & Coextrusion Sheet & Film Rotational Molding Blow Molding

Custom color, additive and filled thermoplastic compounds are available separately, or we can build everything you need into a single turnkey solution.


Let?s say you need an additive to improve your processing conditions or improve the shelf life of the packaged product; or you would like your Green House Film to last another season. We have a solution!! Our Additive Masterbatches can help you enhance the quality, strength, look and feel of your end product!

At PII we can custom compound virtually any combination of performance enhancing additives and fillers with superior results:

- Best uniformity of color and dispersion
- Best uniformity of physical properties
- Even distribution of low level additives such as UV or lubricants
- Highest possible loadings of fillers and reinforcements

We offer unrivaled batch homogeneity and economical processing. Custom compounded color, additives and fillers are available separately or and can be combined as a complete package.

Click here to see some of our in-stock and off the shelf available Additive Masterbatches


Sometimes an application requires a material that has some properties of one polymer, and some of another. Instead of synthesizing a completely new polymer with all the properties you want, we modify and blend polymers and additives together to get the desired properties you are looking for. We can even add a colorant or an additive package to the compound developed for you.

Here are a few of the many types of Compounds and Blends we offer:

> Flame Retardant Compounds for all commodity & engineering plastics
> Glass Reinforced Compounds in PA and PP
> Alloys and Blends such as PC+ABS, PC+ASA,
> Pre-Colored Compounds
> Pearl Compounds
> Nano-Composites
> Purging Compounds


At PII, we manufacture specialty polymers such as PLA (polylactide, also known as corn plastic) and other biopolymers.

PLA resin is a biodegradable and compostable thermoplastic made from corn starch. It has seen explosive growth in containers, food packaging, and "green" end uses of all kinds. Some end uses require modification of the PLA polymer by way of compounding or concentrates.

PLA Compounds and Concentrates

> Antiblock Packages
> Foam Masterbatches and Compounds
> Custom Color Compounds
> Functional Masterbatches of all kinds
> Custom Color Concentrates
> Impact Modification
> Fragrances
> FDA Compliant Formulations > Mold Release

Biopolymers are more environmentally friendly, as the products can be composted, incinerated or recycled while using less energy and releasing fewer toxic substances in the production process. Our PLA and biopolymers are suitable for a wide range of processing applications such as injection molding, extrusion and coextrusion.

Recycling & Reprocessing

We also specialize in providing recycling services to companies across North America, customizing each program to meet the specific needs of our clients. We also supply plastic resin (Reprocessed and Regrind) to a large range of manufacturers.

PII serves large and small accounts in a broad base of industries across the United States, Mexico and Canada. We work with many types of polymers and resins. In some cases we can recycle or process certain scrap materials that other recyclers can't or turn away. We purchase several types of plastic material and can pick up less than truck load amounts.

We also provide services such as:
Grinding, Pelletizing, Compounding & Exporting materials to an extensive number of plastic molders, extruders and compounders across the USA.




PII has been providing innovative solutions to the plastics industry since 2009. Our expertise in color and formulating gives our customers the materials they need to succeed.
PII fulfills the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 standards of quality at our full color laboratory facilities. We provide a broad array of functional and cosmetic color matching services for thermoplastics. When cosmetic appearance, optical performance, weatherability and gloss control matter, processors from all markets reach for PII.

Our best-in-class Macbeth Color Eye 7000A Spectrophotometer ensures accurate quantitative color measurement. Each resin is exactly formulated for uniform color and dispersion, uniform physical properties, even distribution of additives, and unrivaled batch homogeneity.

Complete polymer processing and testing facilities enable PII to deliver a fast turnaround of color matches and samples.


With on-site
R&D Reverse engineering Failure analysis Manufacturing Testing capabilities

PII will bring your project from conception to completion on schedule. We deliver fast turnaround of color matches and lab samples. And then we seamlessly scale-up to orders from a drum to a hopper car. The end result is an unmatched combination of visual appeal and physical performance, all available from one supplier ? PII. At PII, our on-site polymer testing facilities fulfill the stringent requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 standards of quality. State-of-the-art testing systems are used to quantify the properties and performance of our resins.

The experts at PII test material properties such as impact strength, tensile strength, elongation, flexural modulus, heat deflection temperature (HDT), flammability and haze. Other lab capabilities include contaminant analysis, sieve analysis, TGA, DSC, water absorption, color measurement, FTIR and NIR analysis.

PII provides comprehensive technical and support services for its customers, along with a full line of lab and production scale processing equipment. Rapid turnaround in both the lab and production areas makes our customers competitive in their chosen markets.


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We treat every customer with extra care and attention. For us, customer needs are our commands.

We take utmost care to avoid production delays even while meeting every product development challenge with excellence in technology and innovation. Our sophisticated laboratories ? with their dedicated and qualified technical personnel and computerized equipment ? are geared to provide highly efficient technical support.


  • Individual attention for every customer.
  • Quick and prompt color matching and development.
  • Superior quality of products that can match global standards.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Minimal product rework through the delivery of small quantities for trial.
  • Team Work.

Plastic Innovations, Inc. (Jurupa Valley, CA) needs Senior Chemist:

Analyze organic, inorganic compounds. Utilize chromatography, pectrophotometry techniques. Compile, analyze test information. Confer with scientists & engineers to conduct analyses of research projects, interpret test results, or develop nonstandard tests. Mail resume to Attn: HR Dept. 10513 SAN SEVAINE WAY, JURUPA VALLEY, CA 91752.



Nylon 6 Resins Nylon 66 Resins ABS Resins
Natural or Black Nylon 6 Natural or Black Nylon 66 Natural or Black ABS
Heat Stabilized Nylon 6 Heat Stabilized Nylon 66 Flame Retardant ABS
Impact Modified Nylon 6 Impact Modified Nylon 66 Impact Modified ABS
Impact Modified, Heat Stabilized Impact Modified, Heat Stabilized Impact Modified, Heat Stabilized ABS
Nylon 6 Nylon 66
Super tough Nylon 6 Super tough Nylon 66
Nylon 6 with Improved Dimensional Nylon 66 with Improved Dimensional
Stability Stability
13% Glass Filled Nylon 6 13% Glass Filled Nylon 66
33% Glass Filled Nylon 6 33% Glass Filled Nylon 66
50% Glass Filled Nylon 6 50% Glass Filled Nylon 66

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